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At Sei Shin Dojo, our goal is to teach self-protection by having students experience scenarios that are close as possible to real situations.  We cover one-on-one aggression, protecting yourself when knocked down and fighting while on the ground, being attacked by someone with a weapon, fighting in tight spaces, multiple attackers, and a basic understanding of your legal rights in protecting yourself and loved ones.  Applying concepts of the traditional arts to realistic attacks makes learning self-protection easier and more understandable. 


We first teach techniques in a “step-by-step” fashion.  You will then have the opportunity to apply what you have learned by performing those techniques in the most realistic situations possible.  Within those techniques are concepts which can be applied to any attack or situation. AJJ and PTK both have ranking systems with specific performance standards that must be demonstrated prior to promotion.   


In addition to our traditional classes, we offer specific classes such as live grappling, live light sparring, and weapons training based on Pekiti Tirsia Kali.  For more advanced students, we offer classes on topics not covered on our belt list.  From the balance of traditional instruction and live practice we offer, you will gain tremendous self-protection skills by training at our dojo.


Sensei Glenn on What Makes Goshen Jiu Jitsu Effective

Sensei Glenn on What Makes Goshen Jiu Jitsu Effective

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