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Glenn Genovas
Head Instructor
Punong Guro in Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Military PTK-CQC Instructor
Sandan (3rd degree black belt)

Glenn started his training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali in 2008 with Mata'as na Guro Eddie Hunt. Under the tutelage of Tuhon Tim Waid of PTK-SMF he was certified as an Instructor of the Military Edged-impact Weapon Close-Quarters-Combat System in 2011, ranked Full Guro in 2012 and rank of Punong Guro in 2021. 

Glenn is available for Privates.

For more information about Glenn, please visit the G.J.J. Instructors page. 

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Dwayne Alexander
Full Guro in Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Dwayne has been interested in martial arts since he was three years old but it wasn’t until he went to college that he could really explore his passion for the martial arts. While going to college in Washington State, Dwayne studied "conceptual martial arts" for two and a half years with Sean Eastman.  It was an Inosanto Blend of Kali under a student of Jim Keating.

Once back in NYC, Dwayne wanted to learn a traditional art that most of the other systems seem to take parts from, Pekiti Tirsia Kali. In 2012 he was introduced to Mata'as na Guro Eddie Hunt and trained with him for two years. In 2013 he also began training with Punong Guro U-waye Chong, and trained with him for two and a half years in his private group.

In 2014 Dwayne was allowed to attend his first camp in Dallas, Texas where he was accepted into the Certified Professional Instructors program under the guidance from Tuhon Tim Waid. Through this program, he gained access to subsequent instructor camps. That work, plus the superb training under Guro U-waye, allowed him to become an Authorized Instructor.

When Punong Guro U-waye left NYC to become the Director of PTK-SMF Asia, he offered the opportunity to teach his New York group to Dwayne. Through this teaching experience, and under the tutelage of the instructors at the camps, Dwayne was promoted to Full Guro in February 2017.

Dwayne continues to teach his training group and joined Sei Shin Dojo in NYC to continue to introduce New Yorkers to the incredible system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, under the direction of Tuhon Tim Waid and PTK-SMF.

Dwayne is available for privates. 

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