In-person classes have resumed as of August 10th!

Virtual classes continue to be offered as well.  

In-Person/On-line Kids Class:

Wed 5pm - 6pm: (Sensei Glenn)
I.D. 955-711-719

American Jiu Jitsu Virtual Kids Classes

Meeting I.D. below for each class:

Kids Online Classes Maplewood location
click I.D. for Zoom class
Classes taught by Shinhan Tony

Tue 5:30-6:15pm (3-5th graders)

       6:15-7pm (6-9th graders)

I.D. 146 023 014

Wed 5:-5:45pm (3-5th graders)

         5:45-6:30pm (6-9th graders)

I.D. 146 023 014

Thur 5:30-6:15pm (3-5th graders)

          6:15-7pm (6-9th graders)

I.D. 146 023 014

Sat 9-9:45am (3-5th graders)

       9:45-10:30am (6th-9th graders)

I.D. 623 578 629